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I am currently running the first batch of the end of year accounts for the Enlightened Perl Auditor which are now due. This is a yearly chore, and a legal requirement, that allows me to see all the wonderful contributions shared by the businesses, organisations, individuals in the EPO community each year.

At this point I thought it would be useful to give some feedback on the CPAN Testers Fund that the EPO manages. This fund allows CPAN Testers do run promotion and pay for numerous servers handled by AutoPragmatic via Amazon and UK Perl Mongers via Bytemark.

Since we started the fund in 2014 we have raised over £6000 (£6,597) to pay towards the servers and other charges. In that time we have paid out almost the same (£6,400*). At this point, without paying the Amazon servers for 2016, the fund has a reserve of £1,502.01** which will allow it to end 2016 in the black and should cover the Amazon charges.

Without the funds provided by the supporters of the Enlightened Perl Organsiation, who support the charges that we have to find up front, and the generous contributions from donations to the fund supporting this effort would have been extremely difficult.

I want to extend my warmest thanks and regards to everyone who has made a contribution to this fund since it started. I have not sought permission to publish the names of the individuals who support the initiative so at this time I will respect their privacy. If any of them reading this would like me to put their name on this blog I will be happy to do so.

Amongst the many companies who support CPAN Testers there are:

  • ABC Starsiden
  • Adhunter
  • Atikon
  • Autopragmatic
  • Cartridge Save
  • Enlightened Perl Organisation
  • Perl Careers
  • Shadowcat Systems
  • Willis Redd

If I have missed any organisation then please do not hesitate to contact me and I will rectify this.


This is a yearly fund and those who have set up a recurring payment into the fund are helping it to survive, once again I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the fund and to all those who will continue into the future. Without your generous support the initiative cannot be maintained or grow.

* £1,300 was taken from the EPO accounts just before the fund was started to pay for the Amazon Servers maintained by Autopragmatic and were not taken from the current fund).

** This includes the £1,300 drawn from the EPO’s main fund that is supported by the membership and our supporters.

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