enlightened |en'litnd|: adjective:
having or showing a rational, modern, and well-informed outlook

Grants in Progress

Document Bounties One: Proposal One
An update to POE docs. With the rise of Moose, I can see a lot of uses to mix and blend the two to form servers with OO-based dispatch, better event driven GUI applications with clear separation of concerns and other things.

The way things are now it's kind of spread all over the place and it would be nice if someone could structure it better, from the standpoint of a newcomer to POE. Event driven architecture is very different from procedural (and for that matter OO-based) programming, so some introductory information about terminology and potential articles/books on the subject would be nice to include.

Grant Bounty: £450
Status: -not assigned-

Document Bounties One: Proposal Four
Enlightened Moose - using MooseX::Declare, MooseX::Types, Moose::Autobox and friends together to get the most out of Moose and the nicest syntax.

This is being written by Piers Cawley with Chris Prather acting as his mentor.

Grant Bounty: £450
Status: in progress

Document Bounties One: Proposal Five
DBIx::Class for people who like SQL - working back from SQL queries to DBIC usage step by step to demonstrate you can produce the exact same queries with DBIc that you would by hand.

This is being carried out by Castaway (Jess Robinson) with mst (Matt S. Trout) acting as her mentor.

Grant Bounty: £300
Status: in Progress

Catalyst Request Scope
Separating the application and request scope in the Catalyst
application object - moving the request scope attributes and methods into a new Catalyst::Context object.   The work comprised of:
- separating
- fixing tests (with high granularity)

Grant Bounty: $200
Status: Completed

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