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This page is intended to host links to briefings, documents and reports that either highlight a feature of Perl or discuss a development in the Perl world.

We will accept submission from people to discuss an idea further please contact Mike Whitaker or Mark Keating:
Mike Whitaker
Mark Keating

Their is a guideline to producing the Perl Briefing articles (below). We would prefer articles submitted as plain text, but for those who prefer to set their own please follow the house style as closely as possible, by either designing a template to match the house style we have set, or using the template we created for those using Pages on a Mac. You may submit it as text and Mark or Mike would be happy to fit it to the standard template.

Perl Briefing Guidelines

It is our intention to produce a series of short documents that fit onto two pages that can be used in the promotion and marketing of Perl. When writing for these please observe these brief guidelines:

  1. The documents should be set in the house style as shown in the Finding Good Perl Developers PDF by Mike Whitaker. This can be done by following the document details (below), or by using the template: Pages template for 2 page briefings. It would be best if you were to submit plain text with notes for headers, images and bold/italic usage to Mark Keating and Mike Whitaker.

  2. House Style:
    • Page Margins: Left/Right/Top/Bottom 2cm/2cm/2cm/1.8cm
    • Footer: Distance from bottom 1.2cm
    • Title One: 36pt Bold - White (CMYK: 0 0 0 0)
    • Byline: 13pt Bold-Italic - White (CMYK: 0 0 0 0)
    • Sub-title: 13pt Bold - Doc Blue
    • Text: 9pt Black (CYMK: 0 0 0 100)
    • Footer Text: 7pt Bold - Doc Blue
    • Font Face: Helvetica/Helvetica Neue
    • Colour value (Doc Blue): CMYK: 100 35 0 35
  3. The text should be approximately 1,000 words, between 800 and 1,200 is a good guide.
  4. It should be composed around a central "Hot" topic, such as finding good programmers as used by Mike, or installing a specific CPAN Library such as DBIx::Class, how to use and install Mojolicious, Dancer, Padre... (Please treat these as suggestions ;) ).
  5. The approach should be conversational, avoid being overly technical, or dry, this does not imply that there need be a joke every paragraph, just imagine you were giving a five minute "water cooler" talk to a colleague, and you have the right sort of tone.

Perl Briefings Articles