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Extended Core

The Goal of the EPO-EC working group is to produce a list of modules that are considered "Best of Breed" modules for domains typically encountered by a large Perl enterprise or consulting business. This list will be package into a standard distribution and work will be made to integrate this distribution with the standard installation channels for popular operating system vendors.

The chairman of the working group Chris Prather gave an introduction to the EPO Extended Core project at YAPC::NA 2009 in Pittsburgh. This talk followed Matt Trout's Catching an STD which provided a good introduction to the reasons for starting such a project.

The structure of the project is defined in the charter, but the basic Gist is:

  1. Create a list of Advisers
  2. Identify a list of Domains and Modules that the advisers agree are Best of Breed
  3. Package the Modules into a extended core version of Perl and work with vendors on getting it into distribution channels

Currently we are working on the first two items in this list, but we expect to be ready for the third soon.

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